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Rogheta’s roundabouts: Monterufoli’s Natural Reserve

La riserva naturale di Monterufoli con Rogheta sullo sfondoRogheta is Monterufoli-Caselli’s Natural Reserve pearl, both for its history and its view on the sea. The landscape sourraunding Rogheta is a huge wonderful forest over 2,500 hectares wide, that arises intense feelings and emotions by awakening all our senses with its natural beauty.

The natural reserve of Monterufoli-Caselli is crossed by 15 km. of beaten tracks easy to follow and shadowed even in the hottest days, ideal for walking and biking.

For further information on the Natural Reserve you can visit these sites: Comunita' montana alta val di Cecina and riserva naturale.

Explore the surroundings through a photographer's eyes ( article of Aldo Bianchi )apre un pdf

Rogheta’s roundabouts: Tipical towns and villages worth visiting:

La riserva naturale di Monterufoli con Rogheta sullo sfondoMedieval villages on the Etrurian Coast: Bibbona, Bolgheri Castagneto Carducci, Casale Marittimo:  30 km - 40 km
Volterra: 30 km; Famous for alabaster’s extraction and modelling, it has a beautiful Etrurian historical centre of the town.
San Gimignano: 60 km; Due to its characteristic medieval architecture of its historical centre, it has been declared mankind property by Unesco.
Livorno: 54 km; Placed alongside the Mar Ligure’s coast, Livorno is one of the most important Italians port, both commercial and turistical.
Siena: 80 km; The city is universally known for its artistic heritage and for its substantial presence of medievel architectural elements as well as for its famous Palio; the town centre is also have been.
Pisa: 92 km; A legend reports that Pisa has been founded by some Trojan refugees coming from a Greek toown bearing the same name, and placed near the Alfeo river.
Firenze: 105 km; Declared as menkind property by the Unesco, is the town where reneissance had its origin and it is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the world.

... Also Montecatini Val di Cecina, renown for its mines and for the wine production; Montescudaio beautiful tuscan hamlet, whre a very fine wine is produced; Cecina Mare with its pine-wood 12 km. long; Pomaia where the most important buddist monastery is placed; Rosignano Marittimofamous for its white beaches; Populonia ancient and quite important Etrurian site on Baratti’s Gulf.

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